Manage Your Dosage

Sorting your pills can be a time-consuming and occasionally overwhelming process, especially if you take multiple medications. The RXMap, a customized calendar-style system for organizing your pills, can help simplify this process for you – reducing the chance for errors and saving your time.

If you are on 6 or more medications and take these medications several times a day, the RXMap service is free; you pay only your usual copays. The packets can be picked up at one of The Pharmacy Counter's three metro Toledo locations or shipped right to your door.

Learn more about the RXMap system, and contact The Pharmacy Counter to get started.


Medical Minute: Dr. Bryan Coehrs on RxMAP

Bryan Coehrs, PharmD RPh, director of pharmacy operations at The Pharmacy Counter, discusses RxMAP, a safe and convenient way for patients to organize their medications.